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To honor God, dead or alive!

A woman worth the wait. It’s not all about being perfect, but about a woman who maintains and desires an everyday  intimate relationship with her Ultimate Lover - JESUS.

The rest just follows. :)

Happy March 31 everybody! ;)

Too many “what if’s” .. and I don’t even know if it’s worth it. 

It’s funny how I wanted to go back to Iligan so bad. =/

I just got home from a 2 day G12 regional Conference at Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City. Of course there are a lot of people around and much to my surprise, as I enter the hall, I saw someone very familiar. The face I haven’t seen for almost a year. I didn’t even notice I was smiling all along after I saw him and realized he got more good looking and man, uhh, I still got a crush on him! :DD 

Something’s wrong with my eyes during the conference because I keep on looking for him every time the emcee’s announce break. HAHA absurd right? But who wouldn’t that? I haven’t seen him for more than a year after all. HAHAHA 

Thoughts keep rushing inside my head like “when are you gonna notice me? Will we ever be friends?” O diba, mura lag salida! HAHA But seriously, I really thought of that. I know, I know. :DD And suddenly, another thought came rushing like a tsunami inside my head.

"If he’s going to notice you, ask for your number and in case, just in case, ask you to be his girl, is it worth it? are you worth it for him? I mean, if you want the best, you should also be the best."

and I was like O.O ……………………….. Yeah, right.

And I thought, forget it. HAHAHA I will be the best for me to also deserve someone the best. :)

#Crush-Crush din pag may time. <3


Thank you for treating me like a princess, Dad. 

And making ma feel like a real one! ;)

Have ya ever been or felt abandoned, harassed, bullied or basically forgotten like some scraggly stray pup in the back alley.. you know, like no one cares?  Hey there Buckeroo, God hasn’t suffered some brain-lapse forgetting you for even one sec. He certainly won’t ditch you and His kind presence is assured.


Only by God’s grace will I stand.


I’m all confused and the sad thing is, I can’t open it up to my parents! T.T Thanks to you tumblr, I always have a place I call Outlet. *sigh*

How will I start this. Hm. Last sunday, papa was talking to my cousin who was working at DBP and found out that they have a job opening and the good thing is, HE knows the person who’s gonna make the endorsement sort of thing..

I have nothing against my parents getting involved of my soon-to-be employee world. BUT. The problem is, when I get the job, I believe it will be assigned here in our province. Again, I have nothing against getting assigned here, mas nindot gale kay I’m close to them and I don’t have to worry about several things like boarding house, food, and all. It’s just that, I’m young, and I still want to explore this small world. I want to gain experiences and wisdom this life can get. I want to take risks, have my own decisions and experience failure and get up again..

Haay. You would ask, can’t you do and experience that in your hometown? In my own opinion, I don’t think I can stretch myself to the fullest YET when I’m here. I mean, when you know you are at your comfort zone, who would want risks? When my parents are behind my back (I know they will always be), I can’t make a decision on my own.. I know I’m going to rely on them still and how will I learn to make my own decisions with that?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents so much. I don’t even want to be sepoarated with them if possible because they are not getting any younger. I know they want what is best for me, and in my opinion, I could be my best when I learn to stand on my ground.. I still rely on them for strength and motivation though..

Basta uuy. Kalibog! 

How will I ever say this to them?..


Be blessed!


Relaine Jennifer Cortez. 22. Makes life worth living as I give it all to Him. Destined to Conquer. ;)

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